Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Expectations


  Next Thursday is Thanksgiving. There are many aspects of the holiday that I am excited for (i.e. people coming in from out of town, taking a few mental-health days, pie) but for me there is one part of Thanksgiving that means more than the rest: family. It's corny, I know. There's just something about everyone being together that I absolutely love. There are no words that can do it justice. It's truly indescribable. Now I'm going to try and describe it:
  It's that warm moment. It's the smell of food and the sound of laughter and the feeling of security. It's when you can look around and everything's moving in slow motion. It's remembering where you come from. It's reminding you where you want to end up. It's stress-free.

  I hope that after building it up in my head, this Thanksgiving will still live up to my expectations.

  I'm confident that it will.

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