Sunday, October 24, 2010

Telephone Wires and Relationships

   There are some things in this world that are almost inevitable. Dealing with death and break ups are among those on the list. Whether you initiate the break up or not, it can be one of the most anxiety-filled events in your entire life. This stress is only magnified when you're forced to maintain contact with that person because of school, work, or an array of other reasons. Constantly seeing one's ex hinders the moving-on process that must occur after a break up. If moving forward means moving on, then one must find a way to feel differently then what they naturally do.

   Have you ever wondered why birds don't get shocked while sitting on telephone wires?

   It's an interesting question considering there's an enormous amount of electricity running through the cables. Logically it would make sense that the birds would get fried. The reason for this is that the birds aren't "grounded" while sitting on the wires. In other words, because the birds are in no way connected to the ground, the electrical current ignores them. Birds do not conduct electricity well, so the only way the current will pass through them is if they are in contact with something that electricity wants to move toward, like the ground. That being said, if a bird were to accidentally touch the pole to which the ground is connected then they would be electrocuted to an almost certain death.

   In many ways, the concept of a bird on a telephone wire is similar to that of coping with a break up. The ground is your past; the wire your future. Alone, neither are in any way dangerous. A bird can sit on a telephone wire and be perfectly safe, and the same goes for standing on the ground. It's only when the bird is in contact with both that disaster occurs. You can't sit on a telephone wire and touch the ground, and you can't move on while clinging to your past. There's no in between, no compromise; you have to fully commit to one or the other. Trying to find a median only results in pain. It might seem fine initially, but if you try it, prepare for a shock.

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